Direct Imaging provides chest X-ray services in the Yakima West Valley area. It is our goal to be the diagnostic imaging provider of choice for Yakima residents and surrounding communities. Our convenient facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and trained staff deliver unsurpassed value compared to services provided in the traditional hospital setting.

Our board-certified fellowship-trained radiologists provide high quality image readings. Ask your provider for a referral today so you can find the information you need with our quality, affordably priced chest X-rays. Our medical imaging center also offers additional on-site services, including lab tests, ultrasounds, fluoroscopy, CT scans, MRIs, and consulting services to meet your needs.

What are Chest X-Ray Services?

Chest X-rays are the most commonly performed X-ray procedure. They are fast, non-invasive, and affordable. Chest X-rays are used to detect heart or lung diseases, assess injuries, and diagnose and monitor the treatment and progression of health issues. X-rays use small amounts of electromagnetic radiation with special X-ray film or a sensor to record images to a computer, revealing tissues, organs, and bones beneath the skin’s surface. The imagery created looks like the negative of a black and white photograph, with dense bony structures showing as white and other soft tissues appearing gray.

Issues That Can Be Diagnosed and Treated with a Chest X-Ray

Chest X-rays focus on issues with the health of the heart, lungs, blood vessels, airways, and the bones of your chest and spine. Our staff can quickly assess broken bones and many heart and lung problems with a chest X-ray. Individuals seeking a chest X-ray may suffer chest pain, persistent cough, shortness of breath, cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, collapsed lung, fluid accumulations in the lung, air surrounding a lung, calcium deposits, aneurysms, and more.

The Chest X-Ray Procedure

Chest X-rays may be taken while lying down or standing in front of the metal plate holding the film or sensor. You will be asked to wear a hospital gown and remove your jewelry. We may use a lead apron to reduce radiation exposure. Our radiologic technicians will guide you in positioning your body and timing your breathing to ensure clear imagery. The process is fast and painless, typically taking just minutes to complete. A series of images may be necessary over time to track your condition and direct treatment.

Are you looking for convenient, affordable chest X-ray services in Yakima? Avoid a long commute into Seattle, Tacoma, or Spokane. Direct Imaging proudly serves Yakima, including Cowiche, Ellensburg, Kittitas, Naches, Selah, Sunnyside, Toppenish, and Wapato, WA. Contact us at 509-902-8857 to schedule an appointment today.

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We are a small business and recognize the impact the COVID pandemic has had on our local and state economies.  We wipe down our equipment with a medical grade cleanser between every patient, we ask that you wear a mask at all times unless there is a medical reason you cannot.

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