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Direct Imaging offers an expansive lineup of affordable radiology services close to home. Our community-centered radiology clinic near Ellensburg, in the Yakima Valley, delivers unmatched value. Avoid a long commute into Seattle, Spokane, or Tacoma, taking advantage of our superior radiology services and staff. Our high-quality imaging and readings facilitate accurate, fast diagnosis and treatment.

Offering a Variety of Diagnostic Imaging Services

We provide a variety of radiology services beyond standard X-rays that allow Ellensburg doctors to make detailed assessments without the need for surgery.

Digital X-rays

X-rays are often the initial imaging procedure requested by physicians when screening for or diagnosing health conditions. Our digital X-ray technology ensures faster imaging and decreases radiation exposure.


This radiation-free imaging procedure uses sound waves, providing real-time imagery of issues occurring inside your body.

CT scans

CT scans produce detailed 3-D images anywhere in the body in minutes. Our cutting-edge CT scan technology optimizes image quality and minimizes radiation exposure.


Fluoroscopy uses X-ray beams, but unlike static X-rays, it produces a live feed of images inside your body.


MRIs use magnetic imagery and radio waves, creating cross-sectional imagery like a sliced loaf of bread. Ellensburg physicians rely on our detailed MRIs to examine organs and tissues and develop in-depth treatment plans.

Direct Imaging Delivers Superior Imaging Results

We are committed to providing superior service to Ellensburg residents, from using advanced imaging technology to the quality of our reads. Each member of our staff specializes in a single body modality, delivering incredibly detailed reads that improve your quality of care. We are continually expanding our services to facilitate better health care outcomes for our patients. In addition to imaging, we offer:

Affordable Radiology Services Near Ellensburg

You no longer need to worry about the high cost of radiology services in Ellensburg. Direct Imaging offers imaging for a fraction of the price area hospitals charge. We are in-network for a range of insurance companies, and offer affordable cash pricing for the uninsured.

Get high-quality imaging services at our radiology clinic near Ellensburg in the Yakima Valley. Contact Direct Imaging at 509-902-8857 to schedule fast, affordable imaging services close to home today.

Ellensburg, WA in Kittitas County

Ellensburg rests in the Kittitas Valley on the eastern edge of the Cascade Range, in the heart of Washington state. Ellensburg is well-known for the nationally recognized Ellensburg Rodeo. It is also home to the Kittitas County Fair and Central Washington University. Its small-town charm and historic 19th-century buildings, blended with new and quirky businesses and events, make the city truly distinctive.

Radiology Services

Call For Pricing

We are open Monday – Friday 9AM – 5PM.

We accept Walk-ins based on technologist availability as well as scheduled appointments (preferred, reduces waiting time).

We accept many forms of insurance including Kaiser, Regence and Medicare. We are adding new Insurance Partners all the time, please check with us for the latest list.
We also accept cash and credit cards.

We are a small business and recognize the impact the COVID pandemic has had on our local and state economies.  We wipe down our equipment with a medical grade cleanser between every patient, we ask that you wear a mask at all times unless there is a medical reason you cannot.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
Our goal is your complete satisfaction, if for any reason you are not satisfied notify me and I will do my best to rectify the situation.

We are striving to be the best imaging center in Yakima County, please let us know how we are doing.

Dave Atteberry MD MSc.
Medical Director
Direct Imaging PC

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