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We are happy to serve new and existing patients. If you have a referral directed our way please give us 72hr from the time the referral is received. Your referring office may take additional time to generate the referral coming our way so please keep that in mind. We process referrals in the order they are received. Direct Imaging is an outpatient non-urgent clinic. Your referral is processed to ensure the order from your provider is complete. Incoming referrals are checked for the following information: current active insurance information, in-network or out of network coverage, service codes and diagnostic codes that meet medical necessity, and authorization for service(s) ordered (if applicable per your insurance guidelines) is completed prior to scheduling. All of this is done prior to scheduling your service, so please be patient. We are contracted with many insurance companies and must follow their guidelines in order to continue to serve their members. Insurance carriers that we are not contracted with also have guidelines in place for out of network services that we must follow in order to get you scheduled. We work very hard to meet ALL insurance carrier guidelines to get you scheduled. We will call you as soon as your referral has met all the necessary requirements to schedule.

If you are self pay or uninsured your referral is processed for coding, and medical necessity requirements; then within the order they are received. If you are self pay/uninsured please call for pricing, our prices are not published and discounts do not apply for insured or uninsured.  

We can’t wait to meet you! You will receive a call from Patty, Irma, Cassandra, Josh, or Jessica to schedule. Look for a call from 509-902-8857. If they leave a message, they will leave you their direct number to call back. When you call back you may get  their voicemail because they are either on another line or with a patient. All of our staff serve multiple positions to keep our prices low. Please leave a detailed message with your complete name, date of birth, and the best time to be reached. Please do not leave multiple messages it does not expedite the process. Our staff is very lean and an extra message is one less call back they can make. 

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