Value Driven Radiology Exams.

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Value Driven Provider Ordered Radiology Exams.


Right where you work, live, & play
You don’t need to live in a major metropolitan city to get the very best medical services. Direct Imaging Yakima is right here in the Yakima Valley, so there’s no need to waste time driving to Seattle, Spokane, or even the Tri-Cities.

Not only are we a part of this community, but we also love it. Why? Because it’s also where we work, live and play.

We don’t commute here to provide a service, take money from community members, and leave. The communities in and around the Yakima Valley are a vital part of our own lives, and we give back by providing affordable medical services directly to you. We want to help you save time, money, and live as healthy as possible.

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Feel free to email, or message us any general questions. For HIPAA purposes please do not send any patient information via email or message. To schedule an appointment please have your provider fax, or mail your order for processing and we will contact you to schedule.

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